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yo wassup... my saturday wuz chow fun
My sleeping has been all out of whack. I was up at 5am Sturday morning. Ugh. Got caught up on some internet needs. Went out to the couch and short sleep cycles with weird dreams. One had something to do with TBS showing porn at 5am and me being baffled by that. That same one had one of Maryann's cats puking up something 5x its own size and then escaping outside, leaving me to rant on a string of obscenities that included the censorring bleep ala the Osbournes.

So around 7:30am, I got up and went downstair to work on what is now known as 'The Drunken Sailor Flanger'. I call it this because of the 50c tin I am using as a breakout box has all these boats and nautical shit on it. If it was warmer out, I would have painted the mofo, but it is not and I really really really want to complete this project so it is going to stay au natural. I went through the process of figuring out how many bends I was going to have. I managed to make 2 more of the bends 'tunable'. The best name for one of the bends is 'The Screaming Sasquatch'. But I digress.

So I figured out that I had a total of 4 tunable bends (which needs a on/off switch plus a tuning knob), 15 on/off bends and 1 big ol' fat rotary switch for one of the other bends. Now take into consideration that this all needs to fit into a box that is only about 2x the size of the regular pedal. And that's being generous. I think it is something like 3.5in x 2in. Not alot of space. I spent close to 2 hours looking at a ruler, measuring things out by 1/8in and FINALLY got overthing to look like it was going fit quite snuggly, but nicely.

Sorry Ian, not sure I can make the lights thing happen. There just doesn't seem to be much space. Teeth? Well, maybe if you want them drawn on with a sharpie.

After getting to a break(ing) point, I went upstairs. By this time it is about 10:30am. I decided that I better get the drive shovels out. Or in my case, blown out. Not sure if I mentioned this, but my dad gave me this old paddle snowblower that my neighbor wasnt using and couldnt get running for the past 10 years (literally). Seems that the carberators were all out of whack. Dad tweaked the 2 tuning screws and wah-lah... usable snowblower for the son. It sounds like a friggin dirt bike. It's just a two cycle engine so it wakes up the entire neighborhood. But instead of slaving for 45min to an hour. I blast through everything in 15 minutes now. Word up to my Dad, yo.

After that, I got a haircut since my head was starting to resemble a mop.

Picked up a whopper for lunch. Shoulda had a Whopper Jr.

Then went out wit Todd and Nancy and had a good ol time. Went to Max and Ermas. Had a bowl of tortilla soup that kicked ass. No wonder everyone one at the table had some. The chocolate cake for dessert was yummy. Gifts were exchanged: Todd got a Dilbert calendar and a photo of him and Nancy that our wedding photographer did for them and I got a fuggin Speak and Math and a VTech Apple Learning tool thingy. Word up!

Then we all trecked to the Odd Lots where Todd-the-Man impressed me once again with his skills. If you've been on ebay, you've seen the 50 movies for $25 on 12 double sided DVDs collection. I already have the 50 Sci-Fi movies collection. I got that one when I was unemployed. Well, the past few times I've been at Odd Lots they've had a few of the other collections there: 50 Mystery Movies, 50 Action Movies, 50 Comedy Movies, etc. I noted to Todd when we passed by the rack again that I was disappointed that the past few times I had been there that they didn't have the 50 Horror Movies collection. I have been half comtemplating about getting it on ebay since they didn't have it at Odd Lots and Best Buy wants $30 + tax for it and I aint about to spend that much on it. I know the quality of these movies, some are great and some are good but there are quite a few that just suck ass. But the fun is just watching these horrible movies in all there terrible splendor.

So like I said, I told Todd that I was disappointed that they didnt have the 50 Horror Movies collection. It flips through like 3 things, pulls out a box and says 'Is this it?'. He's the fucking man. It wasnt shrinkwrapped anymore, so I checked to make sure that all the discs were there. They were. He's the fucking man, have I told you that yet?

We then went to Trader Joes. It was okay. I'm not a big health food nut, but I have to admit, there are a few things there that they have really good prices on. For example: red/orange/yellow bell peppers. At K-Roger's, these things run $4.99 / lb. Joe's had them for $2.50. Rock on! Also, they have their organic maranara sauces (read: spaghetti sause for those low-brow, non-yuppie shoppers like me) for $1.69. I am usually happy to get a jar of speghetti sauce for $2.00 so that is pretty cool. Todd and Nancy did serious shopping. Maryann and I picked up a jar of sause (roasted garlic... mmmm), some banana chips and I think Maryann picked up some dried appricots or apples or something. So snow was belting down at that point, so we all said 'C ya!' and bolted.

Maryann and I got home and, while not really in a movie mood, she saw that the Horror box set had the original Phantom of the Opera with Lon Channey Sr in it (not the 1960's version that they put into the Universal's Monster SVS box set). While at times the quality waned, for the most part the print wasn't to bad (in my opinion, Maryann has her own opinion I am sure). I really enjoyed this 1920s silent version of Phantom alot. Well, it wasnt silent-silent. They put in a orchestral soundtrack of some classical song that practically know by hear but have no idea of the composer or name of the song. It was pretty friggin good. We tried to watch the 1960 version and couldnt get more than 20 minutes into it.

We then watched Town Haul on TLC. If you don't know what this, then I aint about to explain it. I thought the show was okay. It will be intesting to see how it all plays out.

Then I went to bed.


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Put the flanger guts in a bigger box if you need to. It's your monster. Toothless "trapped Sasquatch" monster in heat.

Can't wait to hear it.

Your sleep schedule sounds like mine. This makes you VERY COOL.

Word up to Tortilla soup.

We got home and just vegged. Nancy got caught up into watching Body Heat and I just got stuff ready for the next day's (this morning's) shoot.

Damn...a whopper sounds good now.

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